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FD Ricambi warehouse and shop

Besides shopping in our web shop it is of course also possible to retrieve. Approximately 7.000 different parts for the Fiat 500, 126, 600 and 850 are in stock in our warehouse of 1.000 m2.

Only during the opening hours of our warehouse, it is possible to visit, pick up, or buy parts. You will find us at the industrial Keizersveld (industrial number 0298) in Venray, right next to the A73 between Venlo and Nijmegen.

Opening hours

  • » Open for pick-up
    Friday: 12.30 till 16.30 hour
  • » Office hours
    Monday to Friday:
    08.00 till 12:00 hour & 12:30 till 17.00 hour
  • » Telephone number

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes


At this moment not available by phone.